Our experience or our past lets us decide how often we want to vibrate now. Essentially that “Yes” and that “No” in our lives have the same referent: the past.

Paola was born in Colombia and grew up in a multicultural environment that perfectly blends Swiss and Colombian influences. She is multilingual and has exceptional expertise in speaking English, French, Italian, Spanish, as well as, German.

She enrolled with the University of Geneva to study Political Study in order to understand why humanity goes on repeating the same mistakes over and over. Over time, Paola realized that the style of university teaching is not what she was looking for and decided to finish her studies successfully but in an unconventional manner – using what she teaches now as “The Method of Reality Creation”.

Then she went on to specialize as a therapist for children with special needs. Eventually, she received rigorous training of shamanism where she learned how to make creativity and clairvoyance thrive while experiencing deep spiritual connection – all of these guided her to become a shamanic practitioner.

Throughout my life, I have encountered several people who have made me realized about my different frequency of life that holds the exceptional power of bringing about a change in the perception of the lives of people and that I should spread this awareness. Until then, I was not able to see the difference and was under the impression that everyone sees reality the same way as I do. I was not aware that the tools, which I was using, were different compared to others when it comes to interacting with reality. Meeting the great shamans of other cultures was an eye-opener for me. They recognized my exceptional power, which I was not able to unearth until then. It helped me to realize the true value of my conscience. And that was the time I decided to dedicate myself to spreading the awareness and power of those tools to the entire world.


Through her initial journey as a shamanic practitioner, Paola realized that a key aspect of understanding is missing from what she has learned during her training and that she was strongly connected to the people to whom she has offered shamanic care.

To find a new approach in shamanism, which encompasses new practices as well, she willingly changed her way of practicing and made several shamanic journeys.

Then, a week later, she came to know about initiation cultures and reality creation. It seemed like an established puzzle to Paola and she felt that she has the ability to delve deeper into the true reality reconstruct it with a transparent order. This thought catalyzed her visionary and healing gifts, and she structured the Reality Creation method that she now practices in her daily life and teaches her clients together with experiential shamanic training.

Reality is created by humanity, but unconsciously and thus, the world we live in today has become chaotic to a good extent. In order to offer the means to those who desire to live the life of their dreams to the fullest, Paola came up with the course of Creation of Reality where she provides her clients with the tools along with the awareness of the method created by her. Paola has recently stepped into e-learning realm in her endeavor of reaching out to a wider audience so that everyone can embrace his/her inner power and become, as she likes to say, “a conscious magic wand” to create a better life for himself/herself and a better world.

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